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The dance of liberating and reclaiming life force


Movement Medicine workshop
with David Mooney

24-26th November 2017

This weekend is an opportunity to liberate and reclaim life force through the potent and clear practices of Movement Medicine. We will dance to explore the maps of Movement Medicine, including the SEER process for soul retrieval. This is a strong and supportive process to release old structures that may be taking up a lot of energy and life force. Often these old ways of being were originally put in place for very good reason but are no longer needed. This is an opportunity to honour their service, release what is ready to be released and create space to call back gold of the soul and dream in more resonant ways of being and living in the world. We will also dance into Movement Medicine Gold of the Soul ceremony for soulful healing, dreaming and creating.

During this Medicine Dance weekend workshop and ceremony you will have an opportunity to:

-  release old patterns, stuck emotions or core messages you believe about yourself that may have been holding you back from being more fully yourself and alive to what you have to offer in this life.

- Reclaim your own life energy or 'Gold of the Soul' that may be currently unavailable due to old patterns, beliefs or defences.

- Explore simple ways to integrate this into your life so you can invite more soulful living in your day to day living.

The workshop is held in english with czech translation

 Practical informations about workshop


workshop incl. friday evening: 3.400 / 3.700 CZ

only Friday evening: 550 CZK

Early bird price is valid till 1st Oct 2017. 


Your place is confirmed after filling in the application form and sending the deposit.


Payment and application terms DANSEA HERE  Payment details You will receive after filling in the application.


 Friday 24th Nov • 19:30- 22:00
Saturday 25th Nov • 11:00-18:00
Sunday 26th Nov • 10:00-17:00


Taiji akademy
building of "Tj Sokol Vinohrady", 3rd floor
Polská str. 1, Praha, Czech Republic


David Mooney “Dance on thru”

Meet the founders of Movement Medicine


 More questions?
Please, contact:

Veronika Živa
tel. +420 727 941 674